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Rustic Furniture Barn

A unique selection of modern rustic decor: Rustic bedding, cowboy pillows, rugs, custom barn wood frames, beds, tables, rustic benches, and more!
Rustic Furniture Barn

All Horse Tack Store

Get your ropes, roping supplies and other tack right here. Great brands like Gator, Magnum, Rocky Mountain and Won Boots.
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Fackrell Horseshoeing

Standard shoeing, hot shoeing, barefoot triming, custom shoes, corrective shoeing, all breeds and disciplines. Prompt service.
Serving Southern Utah
Fackrell Horseshoeing
Or Call Brent Fackrell (435) 660-1583

Utah Team Roping

Team Roping is one of the most popular events. There are jackpots held all over Utah. Please check out the events below and the list of Utah Team Roping Sites.


Feature Events:

Team Roping

April 17

Giles Arena-Lake Shore


Elk Ridge Saddle Roping

April 18

Elk Ridge Arena-Elk Ridge


Stroke and Rope Team Roping

April 18

Washington County Fairgrounds-Hurricane


Team Roping Saddle Series

April 22

Blackhawk Arena-Salina


Rope The Summit Series

May 2

Oakley Arena-Oakley


Team Roping Saddle Series

May 7

Blackhawk Arena-Salina


TL Team Roping

May 8

Logan Indoor Arena-Logan


Team Roping

May 9

Spanish Fork Fairgrounds-Spanish Fork


Rope The Summit Series

May 16

Oakley Arena-Oakley


Team Roping Saddle Series

May 21

Blackhawk Arena-Salina


Rope The Summit Series

May 30

Oakley Arena-Oakley


Utah Team Roping Sites:

ZD Roping


EYoung Ranch


T-L team Roping


DT Cattle


Sinbad Productions


High Noon Cattle


Pink Cattle


Wrangler Team Roping Championships




Local Events

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Event of Interest:

Roping Training

Focusing on starting the young horse correctly. Lots of box training and dummy work before moving to live cattle.
Call Brent Fackrell at 435-660-1583 or 435-628-2606

Magnum Ropes

.357 Magnum Rope

Gator Ropes

Gator Gripper